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Guyue Longshan

Type: Food and Drinks
Company: China Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Group Co., Ltd.
Tel: 086-575-85159359
Fax: 086-575-85156989

       Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Group Co., Ltd., the biggest wine industry of production, operation and export, possesses national first-level production process equipment of wine and the only provincial technology centre of wine in China. With some national-level masters of wine evaluation, it produces 130000 tons of wine per year. Its main products are brands of Guyue Longshan, Shen Yonghe, Zhuangyuan Hong, Jianhu, Guqian Dao of wine, which won domestic and international golden awards for many times. These brands of wine are in the first class of China's original producing places of protection. Guyue Longshan is the only brand in wine industry that possesses China's famous brand, China's famous trademark and speciality for state banquets. Shen Yonghe and Jianhu of over 300-year history are famous trademarks of Zhejiang Province. The Group's products, well-known as Vintage Wine in the East, are sold to big cities in China, and exported to over 30 countries and areas like Japan, south-eastern Asia and the West.

       After over 10 years' efforts, the Group has established the biggest wine-selling network in China, covering Chinese capital cities and municipalities. In 2005, CA-MUS of France together with Guyue Longshan began to sell Shaoxing Wine of Guyue Longshan, one of the three top wines, in a special zone of Chinese wine--the king in wines and the wine of king--set up in global duty-free stores. Since 2004, the Group signed a strategic agreement of partnership with CCTV and invited the famous star Chen Baoguo as its image spokesperson,. Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Group Co., Ltd. has always been publicizing and advocating the culture of Zhejiang Shaoxing wine. It will also develop and produce healthy and fashionable serial drinks of Shaoxing wine for the vast consumers through persistent innovations in management and technology.