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Digital protection relay of series NZB60

Type: Comprehensive Industry and Large Machinery
Company: CHINT Group Co., Ltd.
Tel: 400-817-7777,086-577-61986198

       Digital protectionrelay of series NZB60 is a new generation of digital protection relay, appliedby any level of voltage in a wide range. It differs from other domesticmicrocomputer-based protection products in that it adopts the newest commonpractice in accordance with the international way, which is to use the samegroup of CT in the detection circuit of current protection and currentmeasurement. Because of such adoption, NAB60 series possess better productperformances, more powerful functions, and more facilitating mode of operation,compared to products in the same category in the domestic and international.The standard communication interface enables networking to the back-end systemof electric power automation conveniently, and meanwhile, as a protectionproduct developed for economical purposes, NZB60 can be seen as an idealreplacement product of various traditional electromagnetic and electronicprotection relays. However, its rich functions make it distinctive fromtraditional products.