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WLY series Transmissions

Type: Comprehensive Industry and Large Machinery
Company: Zhejiang WanLiYang transmission Limited by Share Ltd
Tel: 086-579-82216779
Fax: 086-579-82216780

       Transmissions of WLY653, WLY646, WLY9150, WLY580, WLY670HF, WLY556 are ascertained as products of high and new technology of Zhejiang Province. Transmissions of the brand of Wanliyang are ascertained as products of famous brand of Zhejiang Province, some of which are ascertained provincial-level new industrial product. In 2008, the Group was assigned as national industry of high and new technology, its transmissions of WLY12S180T and WLY653HF as national programme of Torch Plan, the transmission of WLY9150 as national key and new product, and its research and development centre as provincial-level key industrial research institute. The transmission of WLY530C21 series is the supplier to the East-Wind Warriors approved by Chinese Military. Wanliyang Group is expected to create more miracles in the future on the road of innovation, from made-by-Wanliyang to intellectually-made-by-Wanliyang, and to contribute its strength for China's innovation in national automobile industry with the intellectually-made first-class auto parts by high and new technology.