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Hotel Management

Type: Consumption Category of Light Industry
Company: Zhejiang Tourism Group Co., Ltd.
Tel: 086-571-87016671
Fax: 086-571-87023291

       Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Group Ltd. (Zhejiang Tourism Group) is provincial state-owned tourism group with registered capital of ¥1.5 billion and 35 investment industries of all levels.

       Zhejiang Tourism Group, embracing the corporate idea that innovation encourages development and altogether encourage glory, makes every effort to build the first supplier of integrated services. It has formed four blocks of business, including hotel investment and operation, tourism services, tourism transportation and other businesses, which enables provincial tourism to play its role. Possessing kinds of scarce resources of the West Lake, Thousand-Island Lake, Morgan Hill, etc, the hotel operating block is integrated into high-level hotel clusters like Hangzhou Wanghu Hotel, Zhejiang Hotel, Hangzhou Shangri La Hotel, Hangzhou Huagang HNA Resort, Hangzhou Thousand-Island Lake Wenxin Dao Resort, Zhejiang Tourism Grand Hotel of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Zhejiang Tourism Group Mingting Series, etc. In regard to the block of tourism services led by brands of China Tourism of Zhejiang and National Tourism of Zhejiang, the Group owns nearly 500 stores and agencies as the biggest, the most of scale group of tourism services in Zhejiang Province. In regard to the block of tourism transportation led by the brand of Zhejiang Foreign Affairs, its businesses cover tourist transportation, transportation routes, taxies, rental cars for business, cruises on the West Lake, auto repair, etc, the network of tourism transportation has been basically formed to cover the whole province. In regard to the block of other businesses led by the integration of tourism and leisure in Zhoushan, new motives have been produced for the development of the Group encouraged by innovation.

       Anticipating the future, Zhejiang Tourism Group continuously tries to be better and build glory abiding by the goal of modeling brand of its own, standard of guidance, outstanding image, symbol of industry, leading position in industry of tourism.