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electric equipment

Type: Comprehensive Industry and Large Machinery
Company: CHINT Group Co., Ltd.
Tel: 400-817-7777,086-577-61986198

       CHINT--global leading supplier of electric whole industrial chain system.

       In Asia, CHINT is a high-level brand acknowledged in electric industry and one of the biggest professional electric group companies in Asia. After 30 years since its establishment, CHINT has been providing safe, reliable, stable, cost-effective electric equipment and solutions of intellectualised serial controlling system. From the biggest supplier of low-pressure electric equipment in Asia to the developer of green energy system, CHINT has become a world-first-class supplier of clean energy and electric whole industrial chain system.

       CHINT offers kinds of innovations, reliable electric products, systems and solutions. So far, CHINT has provided reliable products and services of over $50 billion to over 100 countries in the world.

       CHINT's products and services include photovoltaic generation, industrial automation, manufacturing of large industrial equipment, transmission and distribution of equipment, low-pressure electrics, instruments, building electrics, mobile electrics, etc. The transformation from software services to hardware production represents its persistent technological innovations and its core of satisfying needs of customers. Such ideas represent mutual thoughts of over 30000 global workers, which are highly acknowledged by over 100 partners of countries.

       In the research report in Global Challengers of well-known Boston Consulting Company, CHINT is listed as one of the 33 Chinese corporations that can possibly change global industrial pattern and challenge sophisticated multinationals.