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Type: Synthesis and Large-ScaleEngineries
Company: Zhejiang YASHA Decoration Co., Ltd.
Tel: 086-571-89880888

       Yasha Co., Ltd. is a cross-industry integral group of enterprise. It has been consecutively listed in top300 of China private enterprises and top500 of China Fortune. Its subsidiaries cover blocks of Yasha Stock (Listing only: 002375), Yasha Real Estate, Ya'ou Venture Capital Investment, etc. It now forms a pluralistic operating system of construction and decorations, curtain walls, Industrial parks, real-estate development, industrial investment.

       Yasha Stock has been top2 in the top100 of China Construction and Decorations Industry and top3 in the top100 of Curtain Walls Industry of China Construction for 11 years. It was awarded the Most Excellent Enterprise in Asian-Pacific Region, Top50 of Worth of China's Public Companies, the Most Progressive Public Company of China's Public Companies in order.

       Yasha Stock designed and constructed many famous projectsof public facilities like the international Meeting Centre of G20 in Beijing Yanqi Hu, special floors of national leaders, the Building of Central Military Commission, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Shanghai Expo Centre, etc, and participated in the construction of large projects like many national high-level hotels, international airports, intercity high-speed rails, city undergrounds,etc. Till 2013, Yasha has won over 30 Luban Prizes, over 10 National High-Quality Projects Silver Prizes, over 120 Decaration Prizes of National Construction Engineering, over 200 Technology Innovation Prizes of National Construction and Decorations, being one of the enterprises of construction and decorations that win the most national bests.

       Yasha Stock, the first National Enterprise of High and New Technology in the industry of construction and decorations in China, advocates the idea of green intellectual building in its industry and invests greatly into the industry of green intellectual interior environment represented by intellectual households (including intellectual working and intellectual hotels).

       Yasha Industrial Park which promotes the industrialisation of dwellings is in the first class of experimental base of the industrialisation of national construction and decorations, and the enterprise of decoration industrialisation of the highest automatic processing, the most advanced equipment and the biggest scale with overall strength ranking 1st in industry.

       Yasha Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. won national real-estate enterprise of credit,  top500 of China's real-estate industry, double top100 of quelity and credit of China's real-estate industry, etc in order. Its steps of development cover many cities in China, the total coverage of development reaching 6 million square metres.

       Ya'ou Innovation and Investment Ltd. focuses on kinds of industrial investments, primarily in finance, construction and decorations, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials and new energy, bio-pharmaticals, etc.