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Name:Lishui Industrial Park Standard Workshops Construction Investment Project
Time:2015-11-10 10:22:29
Cooperation way:The land to be transferred by public land leasing.
Expiry date:
Total investment:Investment amount decided by the needs of corporations.
Expects annual sales revenue:
Expect employment:
The payback period of investment is expected:Year
Contact Information:

Contact: CCPIT Affairs He Rongrong

Tel: 0571-87797289

Fax: 0571-85811953

Mail: memberaffairs@ccpitzj.gov.cn


Program Introduction:       The location of project construction is provincial central town, the most important of Liandu--Bihu Town. Its primary introduced industries include mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry (including pump valves, high-low pressure electrics, electric machines, auto parts), agricultural and forestry products deep processing industry, and high technology industry extended from upper-lower ends of the former two industry chains (including energy-saving environmental protection equipment, instruments manufacturing industry, bio-technology). Road network block, electricity, water and other conditions of investment are all ready to be implemented as soon as the project discussion launched.