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Name:Lishui Industrial Park Agricultural Ecological Science Investment Project
Time:2015-11-10 10:20:53
Cooperation way:The land to be transferred by public land leasing, industrial projects invested by the corporate, projects entrusted by the corporate.
Expiry date:
Total investment:Total investment of projects greater than or equal to ¥1600000 per acre-feet.
Expects annual sales revenue:
Expect employment:
The payback period of investment is expected:
Contact Information:

Contact: CCPIT Affairs He Rongrong

Tel: 0571-87797289

Fax: 0571-85811953

Mail: memberaffairs@ccpitzj.gov.cn


Program Introduction:       Liandu, of good industrial foundation and ecological high-efficient agricultural development, has basically formed four major industries of vegetables, fruits, livestock, edible fungus and the development pattern of specialties of tea leaves, tangerines and advantageous fruits. In this area, 31 provincial-level pollution-free agricultural products bases of 11052.19 hectares, 403 district-level pollution-free agricultural demonstration bases of 5656.16 hectares, To its north, the first issue of road network has finished. Key districts in high creeks, low hills and gentle slopes have succeeded to providing land.