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Name:Export-Import Processing of Chinese medine
Time:2015-11-10 10:19:06
Cooperation way:Enterprise Investment
Expiry date:
Total investment:Investment amount decided by the needs of corporations.
Expects annual sales revenue:
Expect employment:
The payback period of investment is expected:
Contact Information:

Contact: CCPIT Affairs He Rongrong

Tel: 0571-87797289

Fax: 0571-85811953

Mail: memberaffairs@ccpitzj.gov.cn


Program Introduction:       According to the needs of international market of Chinese medicine, export-import processing bases of Chinese herbal medicine will be constructed with Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Chinese traditional medicine granule preparation and Chinese patent medicine and so on as key points. Its preliminary coverage planned is 2 square kilometres (200.1 hectares), and investment planned ¥5 billion.