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Name:E-Commerce Industrial Park of Lishui City
Time:2015-11-10 10:15:55
Industry:Electronic Commerce
Cooperation way:Existing plants settled in to attract more merchants
Expiry date:
Total investment:About ¥500 million
Expects annual sales revenue:
Expect employment:
The payback period of investment is expected:
Contact Information:

Contact: CCPIT Affairs He Rongrong

Tel: 0571-87797289

Fax: 0571-85811953

Mail: memberaffairs@ccpitzj.gov.cn


Program Introduction:       The Development Project includes logistics parks of e-commerce research and development, office, services, displays, storage, training, business facilities, professional delivery, etc, and equipments of finance, logistics, catering, fitness and entertainment, business and leisure, talents apartments, etc. For now, the first issue has finished and been put into operation, yet the second issue (of around 4.4689 hectares) has launched its preliminary scheme of attracting merchants and other preparations.