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Name:Development Project of High-and-Middle-Level Leisure Travel of Shengsi Lvhua East Bank
Industry:Marine Tourism
Cooperation way:Solely-invested, joint-stock, cooperative.
Expiry date:
Total investment:¥1 billion
Expects annual sales revenue:
Expect employment:
The payback period of investment is expected:
Contact Information:

Contact: CCPIT Affairs He Rongrong

Tel: 0571-87797289  

Fax: 0571-85811953 

Mail: memberaffairs@ccpitzj.gov.cn


Program Introduction:

       Shengsi has an abundant resources of tourism. It is the only national-level island scenic spot in China. With rich natural and artificial sceneries, strong fishing amours, moderate climates and abundant sunshine, it is favoured as a sceneries travelling and recuperation summer resort by domestic and international tourists. It received tourists flows of 3.15 million from domestic and international in 2013. The project is located in the Shengsi Lvhua East Bank, covering 8.004 hectares planned.

       Marinas, leisure sightseeing platforms of seascape, marine sports, fishing in the ocean and other relative equipments will plan to be developed and constructed.