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Zotye Holding Group Co., Ltd
Organization Code WebSite http://www.zotye.com/
Name(Chinese) 众泰控股集团有限公司 Name(English) Zotye Holding Group Co., Ltd
Region JingHua Address No.1, Beihu Rd., Yongkang Economic Development Zone, Huajie Town, Yongkang, Jinhua
Nature Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-579-87229888 Zip-Code 321301

Zotye Holding Group Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. As a modernized privately-owned enterprise with core business of automobile assembly, development and manufacturing key automobile component parts such as molds, sheet metals, transmission, the company now has become one of the fast growing privately-held automobile companies. The company was awarded as “World Peace Prize”, “National Outstanding Contribution Award for Low-carbon ”,” Demonstration Unit for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction”" Innovation Excellent Enterprise" and ” National glory for star Award”. Zotye owns two proprietary brands, Zotye and Jiangnan and its products covers many segmentation such as sedan, SUV,MPV and EV. Its marketing network reaches  large and medium cities in Chinaas well as markets in small cities. Zotye sells its products to over 80 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe andAmerica, etc.. By the end of July, 2015, it had sold over 1 million vehicles and owns 6,000 employees.

Zotye is one of the first Chinese companies which industrialized new energy vehicles. The company adheres to “Three first theory”??, that is, let a car fun first, a group of people use first and a city be perfected first. Zotye is the first enterprise to get a notice of new energy automobile production directory issued by the Ministry of Industry and once carried out six successful practices of being the first inChina’s new energy vehicles. Zhejiang A2279H pure electric vehicles is in the permanent collection ofZhejiangEntrepreneurMuseumin 2013, which is also a  historical memory forChina's new energy car. Zotye once cooperated with State Grid to launch a project about the operation model of electric automobile inHangzhou, providing reference for the development of pure electric vehicles inChina. Up to now, the number of pure electric vehicles owned by Hangzhou Zotye is over 500, with a safe accumulated mileage of vehicle over 35 million kilometers. It  has created a record that  a single type of pure electric vehicles operated in a largest number and the longest mileage.

Zotye has proposed its development strategy of “three-way interaction  ”in the development of the early days, that is, interaction between key automobile component parts and the complete automobile, between traditional automobile and new energy vehicles, and between domestic market and international market. Zotye established the vehicle production base and engine production base inZhejiangprovince and Hun’ an province. It also established the provincialinstituteofAutomotive EngineeringinZhejiangprovince and research institutes in foreign countries with highly developed automobile industries such asItaly. During the development stage, Zotye is in line with international market. Apart from above mentioned, Zotye also  established the Academician Workstation and Research Institute of New energy Vehicle.

In 2011, the country proposed to promote corporate restructuring and upgrading. Therefore, Zotye Auto, based on the previous strategies and experience, has put forward the strategy of “three types of upgrades”, that is, upgrading on technical product, market and Intelligent Manufacturing. Meanwhile, main vehicles models of Zotye such as T600Z300Z100 have been gradually launched to market., Zotye, therefore, has  awarded as the title “CCTV car of the Year ”,” The Most Environmental Friendly Model”?? “Best Economic Vehicle Models”, ” The Most Innovative Pioneer”,” Excellent quality SUVT600”,”2014 Outstanding Service Award”, etc.

After more than ten years of leaping development, Zotye has achieved from” introduction , development and integrated innovation” to independence R&D, further proposing a platform strategy. “one main basis”?? is the core competitiveness of Zotye, namely, products. From the perspective of globalization and  with the three "based on" (that is, based on the market, based on the user, based on the competitive benchmarking) as the guidance, Zotye Auto now has achieved initial success in terms of competitiveness. New energy vehicles E20 and Cloud 100 EV were launched and immediately created the miracle of new energy automobile sales. On Nov 8th 2014, Zotye B-class Sedan Z500 was launched officially in Chongqin, unveiling a new chapter in Zotye’s  platform competition. At 2015Shanghaiauto show, Zotye unveiled its new C-class Z700 , A-class SUV Damai X5, E30 EV  and E200 EV. In the Second Half of the Year 2015, Zotye will launch six new models on the market, which is Z7oo, T600 2015, Damai X5, S21, E30 EV and E200 EV. In the next three years, the new products will mainly distributed in the A-class ( e.g. SUV: Damai X5 ,S21. Sedan:  Z300 2.0??); B-class(e.g. SUV: T700,T800, Damai X7,etc. Sedan: Z500 2.0 ) , C-class (e.g. Sedan: Z700), New energy (e.g. E30 EV, E200 EV, A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle B15H ). Zotye has been going full blast to  China’s auto market with its “Power Rangers”, which covering sedans, SUV, EV and MPV. The highly standard platform providers and  the pragmatic and efficient marketing platform help Zotye to achieve a great-leap-forward development. Under the guidance of platform strategy, the total sales for the first half of the year was over  100, 000 vehicles and is expected to sell 200,000 vehicles in the year of 2015. In 2016, Zotye aims to sell 300,000 vehicles and strive to sell as many as 500,000 vehicles in 2018.

Zotye adheres to the principle of “humble integrity, innovative pragmatism, pursuing of excellence and giving back to society”  and regards “Good friends all the way” as its brand concept . As a non-public ownership enterprise,  Zotye embarks on a road  with characteristics based on communist party and corporate culture . Zotye successively won the titles of “Best Non -Public Enterprises” organized by communist party and the model unit for promoting the core socialist values nationwide.