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Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd.
Organization Code WebSite http://www.cccgroup.com.cn/html/www/index.shtml
Name(Chinese) 浙江中国小商品城集团股份有限公司 Name(English) Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd.
Region JingHua Address Floor 17, Ocean Business Building, No. 105, Futian Rd., Yiwu, Zhejiang
Nature Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-579-85182801 Zip-Code

Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd., established in December 1993, is a state-owned enterprise. On May 9, 2002, the company is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code 600415. Company's existing total equity is 2.7216 billion shares, and it has 16 branches, 34 holding subsidiaries and more than 5000 employees. In 2013, the company’s operating income was RMB 3.655 billion, the profit of the company was RMB 943 million, and the total assets was RMB 24.07 billion. The company takes the exclusive business development, management and the service of YiwuCommoditiesCityas the principal work, driving the development of related industries. Thanks to the leadership in the right direction of the government at a higher level, the company could be able to take the macro economic development periods as an opportunity to develop itself. Especially since 2001, the company has been developing the infrastructure and the innovation of the market, and has successively built the first to fifth district of international trade city, the Huangyuan Garment Market and the international market for capital goods, in order to develop theChinaCommoditiesCityinto an international first-class modern trade platform.

Based on the superior business environment and the advantageous market resources of the China Commodities City, the company took the opportunity of the comprehensive reform pilot program of Yiwu International trade to create a new mode of e-commerce, foster import and transit markets, make the exhibition industry stronger and bigger, participate in the investment in finance, develop the business of real estate and hotel, engage in international trade, modern logistics, advertising information, shopping, tourism and other business, form the group structure and profit model of market resource sharing and linkage development of the, and the company has achieved good economic and social benefits. Under the banner of reform pilot in the future, the company's development of strategic objectives are: with the markets as the core, the capital operation as the link, in order to create a "modern trade service integrator" to enhance the aggregation of products, improve trade service, promote transformation and upgrading of the market.