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Zhejiang Provincial Construction Investment Group
Organization Code WebSite http://www.cnzgc.com
Name(Chinese) 浙江省建设投资集团 Name(English) Zhejiang Provincial Construction Investment Group
Region Hangzhou Address Jiangong Building, 20 Wensan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Nature Solely state-owned,Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-571-88238882 Zip-Code 310012

       Zhejiang Provincial Construction Investment Group is the earliest Zhejiangstate-owned enterprise to be established and the biggest construction enterprise group inZhejiang. It used to be Zhejiang Construction Enterprise founded on July. 11th, 1949 before Zhejiang Provincial City Construction Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Construction Engineering Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Construction Industrial Ministry, Zhejiang Provincial Elementary Construction Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Construction Engineering Head Office, etc, 14 reforms in total. In March, 2003, it was rebuilt to Zhejiang Provincial Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd..

       After 66-year development, the Group has become a large enterprise group of complete industrial chains, complete specialised fields, advantages for marketing. It now owns nearly 120 kinds of construction enterprise aptitudes, including 3 housing construction general contracting qualifications, 1 steel structure manufacture premium quality, 47 general and specialised contractors, 5 A-level designing qualifications, with the highest of 48 qualifications in the industry. Meanwhile, it owns rights of foreign management, assignment services and export and import. It is the important medium to the world, participating in international construction and the competition of trading market. Its businesses cover 31 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions of China, and a dozen of countries and areas, including Algeria, Nigeria, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, etc.

       The Group pays attention to the overall outlook, applies its specialised advantages, implements actively the responsibility of politics, economy, and society. In 1950s, the Group took most the responsibility of infrastructure construction of old industries and cities including Hangzhou Steel, Quzhou Chemicals, Zhenhai Refinery, etc. In 1960s, it took the course of construction aid ofZhejiangProvinceto countries includingKuwait,North Korea,Guinea,Sierra Leone, etc, 31 programmes in total. The Group active help in the disaster relief and reconstruction in Cangnan in 2006 was awarded the Zhejiang Province Outstanding Group of Aiding During Typhoons and Disasters by provincial party committee and provincial government. In 2008, it actively participated in the disaster resistance and reconstruction assistance, creating 8 firsts. It also fulfilled 10 programmes of reconstruction after disasters in Qingchuan, including Dongshan Residential Community,ZhihuiIslandEducationalPark, etc, constituting a third of the total tasks of reconstruction assistance ofZhejiangProvince. In recent years, the Group has also participated in the construction of affordable housing programmes and the construction assistance in Sinkiang andTibet. It keeps the group of construction workers of over 200000 per year, supporting a hundred and thousand families, the survival and development of hundreds of thousands people, and Chinese employment policy.

       The Group has kept its leading position of integral economic technology index amongst peers in Chinese provinces and cities over years, and listed in the top250 biggest international contractors of ENR, top60 Chinese Contractors, top500 Chinese Enterprises, Zhejiang top100 Enterprises and Taxpayers continuously. It won National Labour Award, National Outstanding Construction Enterprise, National Outstanding Enterprise of Construction Systematic Spiritual Civilisation, etc. It owns 1 post-doctoral research work station, 6 provincial-level research centres, 30 Luban Prizes, 39 National High-Quality Engineering Prizes, 2 Zhan Tianyou Awards, nearly 400 Provincial Cups. Since it joined the competition, it has won the Zhejiang Province Construction Qianjiang Cup for 23 terms continuously. Its construction programmes in contract of Yuhuan Huaneng Power Plant was the only one in Zhejiang to be listed in the top100 Classic Projects of Quality in the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, which won nearly 400 national achievements of progress for technology, including national patent for invention, practical new patent, national construction method, national application and demonstration project for new technology in construction, etc.