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Intime Department Store Group
Organization Code WebSite http://www.china-yintai.com/
Name(Chinese) 银泰商业集团 Name(English) Intime Department Store Group
Region Hangzhou Address 3-1063, Tonghui River, East Sihui, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Nature Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-010-87159300 Zip-Code

       Intime Department Store (Group) went public in the Listing Division of HK on March. 20th, 2007.

       The department store business started in Hangzhou Wulin Outlet in 1998. With years of development, the Group has become a large department store chain from Zhejiang Province, and it owns stocks of two domestic public department stores--Hangzhou Baida Group Ltd. and Wuhan Wu Shang Group Ltd.. Since June. 2007, the Group has greatly influenced Wu Shang as a board representative through Wu Shang board of directors, and puts its investment to Wu Shang as the benefit of affiliated enterprise.

       As national large high-end department store group of China's luxury innovator, Intime Department Store is planning to build nearly 50 department stores and large shopping centres all over Beijing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Yiwu, Hefei, etc. Calculated by sales, the Group has become the biggest department store chain enterprise in ZhejiangProvince. Calculated by sales per square metre, the business performance of Hangzhou Wulin flagship store is in the leading position amongst peers inZhejiangProvince.

       The Group has an idea to deliver new life aesthetics. It puts the task of offering first-class shopping experience under its duty, targeting young and new forms of family as major customers and locating its selling business at high and middle level of market. Along with the expansion of the sales coverage, the Group has enlarged its commodity coverage and services coverage step by step, including retail business from the high-levels to luxuries, and it also determines to offer wider and richer shopping appliances and services. Intime Department Store is at a period of boom. Apart from the joint stock withSouth Korea's Lotte Group under cooperation agreement in a department store in the Beijing Wangfujing core business circle since the August of 2008, project investment negotiations inHubei,Anhui,Shenyangand other places are in progress. The Group is devoted to developing itself to a nationwide large department store chain enterprise.

       Enterprise Honours :

       China's Top500 Service Industry 

        Zhejiang Provincial Famous Business House


       Zhejiang Province Customers-Entrusted Unit

       Hangzhou Special BusinessEnterpriseBrand Unit

       Hangzhou to-Invest-in-Hangzhou OutstandingEnterprise

       Hangzhou Price-Entrusted Unit

       Hangzhou Large Tax-Payer

       Industrial and CommercialEnterpriseCredit AAA GradeEnterprise

       Corporate Banking Credit AAA Grade, etc.