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China Post Group Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang branch
Organization Code WebSite http://www.zjpost.com/
Name(Chinese) 浙江省邮政公司 Name(English) China Post Group Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang branch
Region Hangzhou Address No.87 Baijinfang Lane, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Nature Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 086--571-85156789 Zip-Code

 Based on the original organizational structure of the Post Office of Zhejiang Province, China Post Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiangbranch was founded on February 9th, 2007, reformed according to the State Council’s reform scheme of the postal service. China Post Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang branch is a public enterprises, mainly charging for the postal communication network construction, operation and management, entrusted by the government to fulfill the common and the special service obligation.

China Post Group Co., Ltd.Zhejiangbranch has 11 city post office, 62 counties (city) the post office, 4 secondary postal area center office and 10 directly affiliated institutions. There are altogether 5144 provincial postal service outlets and over 30,000 employees ,and more than 50 million people has already been serviced. Zhejiang Post has formed three major service section, namely, postal mails, financial and express logistics business, providing services to the public, such as letter, parcel, express delivery, postal financial, newspaper, collecting stamps, information and agent services.

Zhejiang Post proposed an overall development that under the guidance of informationization, the company will shift itself towards a increasing innovation-driven enterprise, deepening the reform of its internal control and transforming to provide the modern service. Besides, the post also raise the idea of using information technology to transform and upgrade traditional postal services, expanding the field of postal services. By adopting these measures, the company aims to achieve a better vision of transforming "herbal" products, a traditional way of business, to "woody" innovation.

Zhejiang  Post is dedicated to establish the transformation between city and rural area, from “herbal” form  to  “woody” form, providing the network information service platform of modern post service. The platform is based on the 1432 electronical brunches over the province. The post aims to connect the whole business and family systems throughout the city by using the new type of kiosks, convenience service center and the delivery network. Meanwhile, the Post also developed the market in countryside through informational post stations and the forthcoming post logistics distribution platform. In 2012, almost 26,000 village-level post stations were established around the whole province and the aim of establishing station buildings in every villages was achieved. As a resultrural residents can enjoy the convenient services as the urban residents do. The 2105 new style kiosks, one uninterruptedly scrolling Xinhua express and other public government affairs and information every day, has been built and solves many problems in paying the fees, purchasing the tickets and topping up recharges. This new type of kiosks has already become a " Civilization Pavilion " to spread the advanced culture and a "convenience pavilion" to service people. Information Management System such as corporate control of information, profit and loss accounting outlets, aging monitoring on key issued press and security service quality monitoring center has been applied successively, which forms a internal control environment of high efficiency.

Zhejiang Post is building a enterprise culture of "Info-oriented, tenacity lasts forever. ". " Info-oriented " means "letter", "integrity" and "information" while " tenacity lasts forever " represents "tough" ,"innovation" and "young state." Through publication, guidance and practice, employees from Zhejiang Telecom can truly understand the core concept of corporate culture and act according to the concept, being a man of integrity and doing things with conscience. By doing so,  Zhejiang Telecom and its employees can be recognized by people from all walks of life constantly.