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Zhejiang Tourism Group Co., Ltd.
Organization Code WebSite http://www.chinaztg.com/
Name(Chinese) 浙江省旅游集团有限责任公司 Name(English) Zhejiang Tourism Group Co., Ltd.
Region Hangzhou Address No.78 Longjing Rd., Hangzhou
Nature Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-571-87016671 Zip-Code 310007

       Zhejiang tourism group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned company established under the approve of People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. The registered capital is of RMB 1.5 billion. The business scope covers the tourism resource development and tourism project construction, tourism services, hotel management services, accommodation and catering industry, water transport, road transport and passenger and cargo transportation, real estate development business, tourism scenic area development and management services, industrial investment, tourism commodity trade, press and publication, and personnel training education, etc. By the end of 2014, the group has 30 investment units at all levels and 3300 staffs. The group is the key enterprise in the tourism industry of Zhejiangprovince and has been included inChinatop 20 tourism group, Zhejiang Top 100 Enterprises in Service Industry and China Top 30 Hotel Management Group several times. “Zhejiang Tourism” and “Zhejiang Foreign Affairs” are identified as famous trademark of Zhejiangprovince.

       Upholding the corporate philosophy of "innovation drives development, cooperation creates achievements " and the thought of “Extend and integrate development ”, efforts to build “the best integrated service provider” in Zhejiang tourism realm, Zhejiang tourism group has already formed three major traditional operative segments, namely, hotel investment and management, travel service as well as tourist traffic and three "3 + 3" format pattern business segments, that is, tourism real estate, tourism, investment and tourism , which has played a significant role in Zhejiang tourism. Surrounded by the scarce resources of the hotel management plate like West Lake, Thousand Islet Lake and Mogan Mountain, boutique hotel groups are finally formed including the Hangzhou WangHu Hotel, Zhejiang Hotel, Hangzhou Shangri-la Hotel, Hangzhou Huagang HNA Resort, Zhejiang Thousand Islet Lake Wenxin Island Resort, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Zhejiang Tourism Hotel and Hangzhou Yazhuang Hotel,etc; Under the leading of “ Zhejiang China Tourism” and “Zhejiang National Tourism”, its travel service section is Zhejiang’s largest travel service group and it has nearly 500 stores and agencies;Tourist transportation sector is leaded by the brand "Zhejiang foreign affairs", and the business scope involves passenger travel, class line passenger, rental car, business car rental, the west lake cruise and vehicle maintenance and repair, which has basically form the provincial-radiated travel transportation network. The business cultivation sector such as tourism real estate, tourism investment and tourism business , which regards Zhejiang Tourism Real Estate, Zhejiang Tourism Investment Company and the Zhejiang Tourism Import and Export Company as platform, has motivated the innovation of enterprise.

Looking forward to the future,Zhejiangtourism group will fight to be “the top group in the tourism service industry”. Build brilliant tomorrow!

Wish Zhejiang Tourism Group your best friend in your quality life!


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