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China Mobile Group Zhejiang Company Limited
Organization Code WebSite http://www.zj.10086.cn/aboutus/
Name(Chinese) 中国移动通信集团浙江有限公司 Name(English) China Mobile Group Zhejiang Company Limited
Region Hangzhou Address No.288, N Huancheng Rd., Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Nature Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-571-56085608 Zip-Code

       China Mobile Group Zhejiang Company Limited ("Zhejiang Mobile")  is attached to China Mobile Group and a wholly-owned subsidiary, China Mobile Hong Kong (BVI) Limited ("CMHK (BVI)"). Zhejiang Mobile owns 11 city branches in Zhejiangprovince, managing the China Mobile Communication Network of Zhejiang province. The scale ofZhejiangmobile ranks top among other provincial companies. Zhejiang Mobile is a benchmark demonstration  in the whole group and the biggest telecommunication operator and dominant operator inZhejiangprovince. After years of efforts, Zhejiang Mobile has already established a high-quality network with large capacity, wide coverage and excellent quality to proactively promoting the common prosperity of the whole industry.

       Upholding the philosophy of “originating in Zhejiang, paying back to Zhejiang, being an excellent corporation and resident”, Zhejiang Mobile constantly responds to the call of the State Council, SASAC, MIIT and corporate headquarters, striving to achieve a overall coordination between scientific development and social stability. Zhejiang Mobile uses a normal way of working , namely, “Green Action Plan” and adopts various measures such as improvement of the organizational structure as well as energy-saving and emission-reduction. Creating a low-carbon corporation atmosphere actively, Zhejiang Mobile is committed to build a Green Enterprise. Zhejiang Mobile once has been awarded as “Advanced Unit for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction” by The Council of CACE, “ 2010 Advanced Unit for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction”, “ Benchmark Demonstration for Corporate Social Responsibility”, etc.