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Ningbo Sellers Union Group
Organization Code WebSite http://www.sellersuniongroup.com.cn/cn/
Name(Chinese) 宁波赛尔集团有限公司 Name(English) Ningbo Sellers Union Group
Region Nibong Address 399 Juxian Road, Gaoxin District, Ningbo
Nature Solely state-owned Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-574-27833620 Zip-Code

       Sellers Union Group is founded in 2010, used to be the Sellers National Trade of 1997. Sellers Union Group owns a dozen of holding subsidiaries, including Excellent Investment, Sellers National Trade, Gaoyue Export and Import, Yousheng National Trade, Youjing Export and Import, Youxun Export and Import, Youding Export and Import, Youmao Supplying Chain, Huanyu Logistics Hongkong, Youyou National Tourism, etc. The registered capital of Sellers Union Group and its holding subsidiaries in all reaches ¥300 million. Sellers Union Group's main industry is the export-import business of articles of daily use. After years of accumulated profits of self-employed trade, Sellers Union Group has possessed quite solid economic power. The Group invested its pocket money into several private equity investment funds, small loan companies of foreign trade, basis projects of privately-built enterprise headquarters, etc. The Group is stepping toward the group company of pluralistic and integral development.

       Sellers Union Group has unique, machinery-made and innovative culture, which advocates the corporate managerial ideal of thinking like a big company and action like a small one. The Group hold to the cores of keeping corporate elasticity by light capital running and building team cohesiveness, driving and executive forces, as well as succeeding in rapid growth for years in export-import business. The Group ranks top100 of municipal integral enterprises, top108 enterprise of municipal export-import, top100 in provincial service industry and top500 in Chinaservice industry. It won multiple qualifications and titles of honour, including Leading Index of Sample Company of China Foreign Trade Export, Provincial Famous Brand, Provincial and Municipal Famous Brand of Export, Provincial Unit of Contracts-and-Credit-Focused, Municipal Outstanding Monitoring Enterprise of Exchanges, Municipal Tax Rating A-Level Enterprise, Municipal Harmonious Enterprise of Labour Relations, Municipal modern Trading and Logistics Enterprise, Municipal Management and Pilot Enterprise of Supply Chain, Municipal Outstanding Enterprise of Advantage of Foreign Trade Growth, Municipal Head Office of Advantage, National Customs AA-Level Management Enterprise, AA-Level Customer of Credit and Protection Strategic Cooperation, etc.

       Sellers Union Group has 1000 employees, of which over 90% are junior college graduates and beyond. In 2014, the total profits of export-import was ¥600 million, sales profits nearly ¥4 billion. It is predicted that the total profits of export-import will reach ¥800 million till 2015, sales profits over ¥5 billion, employees reaching 1500,the Group developing into one of the export-import foreign trade group companies that have the biggest business turnover of export-import of self-employed and employees inZhejiangProvince,Ningboand Yiwu, Jinhua.

       After years of development, Sellers Union Group has established stable trading cooperation with over 1500 buyers in over 170 countries and areas in the world, in which are over 50% clients of terminal supermarket chain, and in the 50%, there are some big buyers who purchase tens of millions dollars. InChina, the Group has over 3000 important manufacturers, hundreds of companies of millions cooperative fund, exported products of hundreds of kinds and dozens of classes. Its year self-support exports reach 40HQ containers of over 10000. Every year, there are over 20000 opportunities of employment to be created indirectly due to the export-import business of Sellers Union Group.

       Sellers Union Group, under the mission of offering excellent trading services for global clients, actively transforms from a traditional export-import business maker to an enterprise of modern trading and logistics and supply-chain management. The Group integrates the resources at upper and lower ends of export-import business, builds a platform of a supply chain of foreign trade, accelerates the transformation from a supplier of foreign trade products to an integral international trade service supplier. The platform provides customers at lower end with first-class national purchasing and distribution, for it gathers massive flow of purchasing information, various information of suppliers, information flow of products, of trading, of finance and of logistics. For customers at upper end, the platform provides mediums to powerful international markets and global buyers, package designing, production presentation, online trading, production detection, trade financing, credit insurance, global logistics, cargo clearance of export-import, global market research, etc. Through gathering and integration of all information and resources, Sellers Union Group is trying to be a group of management of suppliers and a group head office of foreign trade service possessing massive networks, branches, scale, leading position, powerful brand influence.

       Enterprise Honours

       Top108 Enterprise of Export-Import of Ningbo 2012

       Modern Trading and Logistics Enterprise of Ningbo 2012

       Management and Pilot Enterprise of Foreign Trade Supply Chain of Ningbo in Year 2012

       Famous Brand of Export of Ningbo in Year 2012

       Ranked 65th inZhejiangProvincial Top100Enterprisein Service Industry 2012

       Ranked 31st in Top100 Enterprise in Service Industry of Ningbo 2012

       Ranked 83rd in Top100 Integral Enterprise of Ningbo 2012

       Outstanding Unit of HarmoniousEnterprisein Bonded Areas (Export Processing Zones) of Ningbo 2012

       Zhejiang Provincial Famous Brand 2012

       Zhejiang Provincial Top100 Enterprise in Service Industry 2011

       Ranked 82nd in Top100 Integral Enterprise of Ningbo 2011

       Ranked 36th in Top100 Enterprise in Service Industry of Ningbo 2011

       Ranked 82nd in Top100 Integral Enterprise of Ningbo 2010

       Ranked 33rd in Top100 Enterprise in Service Industry of Ningbo 2010

       Zhejiang Provincial Top100 Enterprise in Service Industry 2010

       Top100 Enterprise in Service Industry of Ningbo 2008

       Top100 Enterprise of Ningbo 2008

       Top500 Enterprise in China Service Industry 2008

       Enterprise of Harmonious Labour Relations in Year 2008

       Outstanding Enterprise of Foreign Trade in Year 2007

       Top50 Enterprise in Service Industry of Ningbo 2007

       Enterprise of Export-Import Credit of Ningbo 2007

       Outstanding Enterprise of Foreign Trade in Year 2006

       Outstanding Enterprise of Foreign Trade in Year 2005