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Hisun Group
Organization Code WebSite http://www.hisunchina.com/
Name(Chinese) 弘生集团有限公司 Name(English) Hisun Group
Region Hangzhou Address 111 Hisun Avenue, Zhoushan, Zhejiang
Nature Other type Type Vice President Company
Tel 8252526 Zip-Code

       Hisun Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1976, is a leading enterprise in Zhejiang. Its businesses cover five industries, including commercial logistics, high-end production, public service, financial investment and real estate development. It has over 30 enterprises' high-tech and high-culture industry groups.

       The Group's total capital is 1.78 billion yuan, its year sales revenue over 3 billion yuan. The newly-invested bare-eyed 3D LTD project, Supplemental Restraint System Project of OPW and the Grosse's UNISHED project have vast market prospect.

       The Group furthers operating field professionally and dimensionally with the bond of capital, technology, talents and market, and meanwhile, turns itself in sustainable development actively.