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Jincheng Real Estate Group
Organization Code WebSite www.jcestate.com.cn
Name(Chinese) 金成房地产集团有限公司 Name(English) Jincheng Real Estate Group
Region Hangzhou Address 9F, Julong Building, 9 Hangda Road, Hangzhou
Nature Solely state-owned Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-571-28938801 Zip-Code 310007

       Jincheng Real Estate is an integral group mainly focused on real estate, owning first-level qualification of national real estate development. It used to be Hangzhou Jincheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. founded in 1996. Its registered capital is 200 million yuan; now its total capital reaches over 4 billion yuan. Based on Jincheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., the Group's businesses cover real estate development, high technology research and development, marketing, construction design, engineering construction, building materials business, gardening, intermediary services, propriety management, market operation, education and culture, leisure and travelling, etc. After over ten-year development, the Group has established a capital-bonded, market-oriented modern enterprise system of clear division between responsibility and rights and scientific policy-making, and realized balanced and full-scale development in real estate, education, and propriety.

       Jincheng Group always holds to its principle of high-quality development, fine projects, service-priority, management and innovation for years. Hangzhou Jincheng Garden, Jianan Apartment, Jinyuan Apartment, Jinhui Apartment, Nanqu Business Street, Fengze Yuan in Lin'an, Xiangyi Park in Haining, Fuchen Park in Huzhou, Fukang Park in Xinghua, Jiangsu Province, Fengcheng International in Taizhou, High Technology Production Market in Urumchi, Sinkiang Province, City Park in Xinghua,  Jiangsu Province, Vienna Spring all become the real estate of Jincheng, promoting the development of local real estate market and its quality.

       Since 2010, Jincheng began to transform its development model to real estate development of leisure. Jincheng starts Bo'ao Jinwan projects in Hainanto build a benchmark of world-class and super large recreations. Its project in Yuhang,Hangzhouon small ancient village is the pioneer intoChina's recreational real estate business.

       Bo'ao Jinwan, located in the one-hour life circle around Qionghai, Haikou and Sanya, is supported by Bo'ao Forum for Asia,. There has a natural beach of 2.2 kilometers, a watery park of 300000 square meters, which is a priceless natural resort of Bo'ao. Bo'ao Jinwan is dedicated to building world-class super large recreational and leisure real estate project, which covers 173.42 hectares, over 1700000 square meters in total. It is constituted by a seascape villa, a health care villa, marinas, marina squares and 3 super star hotels. It is a health-care-focused and water-bonded international first-class integral island resort and leisure community as well as a water cultural community of functional composition, pluralistic production, covering healing treatment, travelling, business conventions, entertainment and shopping and medical health care. World-class planning, set gardening, services are integrated into one chief seascape health care real estate and a world-class coastal recreational product ofHainan.

       Jincheng--Spring City of southern China, a super large integral development project and the biggest real estate in Hangzhou's commodity houses under construction, is located in the Yuhang, Hangzhou. It is one of the six groupings inHangzhou's strategic goal of building metropolitans and new heaven cities. The whole project covers 200.1 hectares. Its total coverage planned is around 3 million square meters, and its total investment is ¥10 billion. It is constituted by five blocks and one gardening base, offering a holistic city civilization of ecology, leisure, sports and education, which is also an ideal place to go when living inHangzhou.

       The high technology production market and Xinzhou City Park in Urumchi are of the West Development assigned by the Sinkiang Trading Delegation from Zhejiang under the support of Zhejiang Province and Sinkiang Uygur Autonomous Region's governments and under the care of the former vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress Tie Mu'er and the former secretary of Zhejiang provincial party committee Zhang Dejiang to respond the call from the Central Party Committee of the West Development. The total investment of this project is ¥500 million, covering over 20.01 hectares of land and 300000 square metres of construction.XinzhouCityParkis the first large resdential community of ecologic, gardening, landscape, tourism, and high smart degree in Urumchi, becoming one highlight in the city construction in Urumchi.

       In the mean time of rapid development of real estate, the construction industry has also made great development. Zhejiang Jincheng Construction Co., Ltd. founded on the basis of Hangzhou Bocheng Construction Company integrated construction, designing, gardening and building materials selling, fit the qualification of national first-level construction general contractor.

       Jincheng Technology Company is the key industry of national optical instrument engineering technology research centre Yuhang industrialization basis, integrating production, learning and research. It is national high technology industrialization demonstration engineering project under the support ofZhejiangUniversity's advanced technology and Jincheng's solid capital. With their advantages benefitting each other, it has vast prospect for development.

       Developing real estate of educational institutes is another strategic concept of Jincheng Group. It seeks cooperation with famous schools, following the idea of combing famous enterprises with famous schools and improving the quality of education. The one-stop education of Jincheng Group has pioneered into national real estate of educational institutes from kindergartens to elementary schools to middle schools. It actively develops cultural travelling under the background of Yang Naiwu case. Its total investment reaches ¥430 million; its total coverage reaching 30.015 hectares. A cultural square is also to be established. Yang Biqi Case Pavilion was launched in 2004.

       Jincheng Group, ascertained by ISO9002 in 2000, was upgraded into ISO9001:2000 in 2004. It has been graded AAA of Credit by ICBC since 1997 and graded AAA of Credit by Credit Rating Committee of Hangzhou since 2001. Then, it was awarded the Zhejiang Provincial Real Estate Industry of Credit in the first class, Consumer-Entrusted Unit of Hangzhou (the first real estate industry to be enlisted), Zhejiang Provincial Consumer-Entrusted Unit. Since 2005, it has been awarded Zhejiang Famous Brand by Provincial industrial and commercial bureau, listed in the top 50 of Zhejiang Provincial Real Estate Industry 2005, the Most Competitive Real Estate Industry inChinain 2007. The Spring City Project won Zhejiang Dwelling Classic 2002 and Dwelling Integral Prize of National Dwelling Classic Building Programme Contest, the title of Top30 of Community and CIHAF Famous Real Estate Influencing China. The Place of Bamboos and Water of Spring City inSouthern Chinawon Outstanding Technology of Outstanding Dwellings of Zhan Tianyou Prize. Vienna Spring in Changji,SinkiangProvincewon CIHAF Famous Real Estate in 2007. Sinkiang Jincheng Real Estate Group Ltd. won Enterprise of Credit of Chinese Real Estate 2009-2010 by Chinese Real-Estate Association. Bo'ao Jinwan won Demonstration Project of Green Dwelling Environment forAsiaby the Association of Asian Dwelling Environment.

       Facing new opportunities of development in  history and new challenges, Jincheng Group will closely combine real estate development and its integral development with specialized cooperation to speed up the progress of connecting real estate industry to the world. It will closely combine the development of ecological dwellings with the construction of leisure and travelling city ofHangzhouto speed up the construction of green ecological dwellings and the exploration of leisure and travelling project so as to improve the taste of Jincheng Real Estate. It will also closely combine the development of real estate with the development of high technology industry to promote pluralistic operating and development with high technology. From the development of real estate, Jincheng Group will expand the Yangtze River Delta on the basis ofHangzhou, develop itself to a national group of greater and larger scope, become a national real estate industry of brand and make contribution to the development of real estate industry.