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Zhejiang Hailisheng Group
Organization Code WebSite www.hailisheng.com
Name(Chinese) 浙江海力生集团有限公司 Name(English) Zhejiang Hailisheng Group
Region Hangzhou Address 88 Hailisheng Road, Zhoushan Islands New District, Zhejiang
Nature Private Type Vice President Company
Tel 4000580399 Zip-Code 316021

       Hailisheng Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive limited liability company whose main industries cover marine organism, marine life health food, marine skin protection products, sea food of deep processing. It used to be Zhoushan Fish Meal Factory founded in 1954, which established the state-owned parent-subsidiary limited liability company through modern enterprise reformation in 1997, and then it was reformed to a private company in 2000. At present, the company covers 200000 square metres, area of structure of 150000 square metres. It owns a dozen of subsidiaries, including Zhejiang Hailisheng Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hailisheng Medicine Manufacturing Ltd., Zhejiang Haibo Food Ltd., Zhoushan Jinghe Food Ltd., Zhoushan Hailisheng Trading Ltd., etc.

       Hailisheng is the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialisation, provincial key enterprise of five-in-one, provincial key enterprise of medicine, enterprise of high technology, provincial pilot enterprise of innovation, and also in the first class of provincial cultivation and experiment enterprise of reputation. Hailisheng won titles of municipal and provincial civilised units, municipal and provincial advanced enterprise and municipal and provincial outstanding enterprise for progress of science and technology, municipal group of model, star enterprise, outstanding enterprise for profit-oriented exports, quality-entrusted enterprise, etc. It had entitled provincial medicine top10 industrial enterprise, outstanding industrial enterprise for many times.

       Hailisheng owns massive specialised talents, great power of technology and provincial-level research institute dedicated to the exploration of new products. The testing centre of food technology passed through the enterprises' laboratory evaluation of Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Enterprises of Hailisheng  own advanced production equipment, scientific producing technology, precise detecting instrument and strict quality management system. The main factories and operating areas pass national medicine GMP, GSP, ISO9000, ISO22000,HACCP, SGS, BRC, FAI, KOSHER, QS, FDA's registration, and EU's registration of marine production exports.

       The main products of Hailisheng cover natural marine medicines, natural mineral medicines, BPC and preparations of chemical-synthetic medicines, natural marine organism health food, specialised medical formula food, serial marine skin protection, canned food, snacks, and kinds of marine products for export. Its products won national, ministry, provincial and board awards for high-quality products, Progress of Science and Technology Award, National Innovation Award, Zhejiang Provincial Products of Famous Brand, Provincial Products of High Technology, Provincial Medical Products of High Quality, and provincial exhibition awards, etc.

       Hailisheng's trademark is Chinafamous trademark, and its business house is provincial famous business house. Hailisheng has won Zhoushan Municipal Contract-and-Credit-Focused Unit for 26 years continuously and Provincial Contract-and-Credit-Focused Unit. It has also been entitled for many times the Bank Credit AAA Grade Enterprise, Tax Credit Rating Enterprise of Tax System. Hailisheng is top10 enterprise for credit and taxpayer of Zhoushan.

       60 years of marine dedication and three generations of efforts, Hailisheng is moving toward the great goal of building a factory of 100 years' history and realising the dream of ocean exploration and protection.