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Zhejiang YASHA Decoration Co., Ltd.
Organization Code WebSite www.chinayasha.com
Name(Chinese) 浙江亚厦装饰股份有限公司 Name(English) Zhejiang YASHA Decoration Co., Ltd.
Region Hangzhou Address Guansheng Building, No. 299 E Wangjiang Rd. Hangzhou
Nature Private,Joint-stock company Type Vice President Company
Tel 086-571-89880888 Zip-Code

                     Yasha : Leader of ChinaBuildingDecoration Industry

       Zhejiang Yasha Decoration Co., Ltd., founded in 1995 , is officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchangeon on March 23, 2010.

       Stock name: Asian shares; Stock code: 002,375; Registered capital 89072.5784 million.

       Yasha is a high-end brand in Chinese building decoration industry and the leader in the China Building Decoration industry. Yasha had won the second prize of China Top 100 Enterprises in Building Decoration Industry for 11 years in a row and was awarded as Top 100 Flagship Enterprises in Building Decoration Industry, China Top 50 Enterprises in Green Building, China Top 500 Private Enterprises, Top 100 Enterprises of construction industry in Comprehensive Competitiveness, Leader in Construction Industry of Zhejiang Province, Top 50 Small and Medium Enterprise Board Listed Companies in Values, Best Listed Enterprise and Best Management Team from SME Board Information Disclosure and was regarded as “High-Tech Enterprises” firstly.

       Yasha is primarily focusing on building indoor and outdoor decorations, curtain walls, design and construction, cover the decoration industry chain including gardens, mechanical and electrical installations, intelligent buildings and stone processing. Yasha advocates the modern architectural decoration patterns for " production in factory, mechanization in processing, commoditization in assembling?? " to form a large decorative pattern that covers all market areas and market business and to promote its development in “specialization, scale, public , internationalization”.??

       Yasha focuses on the refined decoration of high-end star hotels, large public buildings, high-end residential and plays a leading role in terms of the design and decoration of  large scale public buildings such as the airport railway, commercial complexes, banking and financial institutions, medical institutions and art and cultural institutions. Yasha establishes it business by credibility and vitalizes enterprise by high-quality of its products. By the end of 2014, Ysha won a great number of medals and played a leading role in the industry. Yasha won 21 items in Luban Prize, 9 silver medals of National Quality Engineering Award, 167 items of China National Building Construction Decoration Awardincluding Design, 393 items of National Building Decoration and Technological Innovation Award, 78 items of National Scientific and Technological Demonstration Project of Building Decoration Industry Award, 61 items of Gold Awardincluding Design?? and 1744 items of the Provincial Top Level Quality Project.